Municipal Court

Magistrate's Office: 1400 9th Street, Suite 100, Leeds AL 35094
Phone: 205-699-0913
Fax: 205-719-6559


City Magistrate/Court Clerk

Laura Roberts

Assistant Magistrate

Martha Bishop

Administrative Assistant

Carol Reed

Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00pm

CLOSED all major holidays

About the Court

The Municipal Court office is located at 1400 9th Street, Suite 100, Leeds, AL 35094. Municipal Court has jurisdiction over traffic violations and misdemeanor offenses. Court sessions vary. Your ticket or your jail release paper work will reflect your assigned court date. You may also call 205-699-0913 and ask for your court date. Information will only be given to the defendant. We do not release information to third parties.

Court sessions are currently held at the Leeds Civic Center, 1000 Park Drive, Leeds, AL. You will need to dress appropriately for court. If you are dressed inappropriately, you will not be allowed inside the Courtroom. No hats, caps, or sunglasses are permitted. Cell phones are not permitted. Audio/Video recording devices are not permitted unless you are a Court Reporter. Space is limited. Please keep in mind that citizens, who are not defendants or witnesses, may have to wait outside.

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