Filing a Police Report

The Leeds Police Department will prepare a report for all State and Local crimes, that occur or attempted, within the reporting jurisdiction of the Leeds Police, from any victim.  These reports have to be made in person and a signature form is also required to be signed by the victim.  Dial 911 for crimes that are emergencies or are in the process of being committed.  Dial 205-699-2581 for crimes that have already occurred.

There is no need to come to the Police Station to report a crime.  The scene of the crime is the best place to file the report as the reporting officer needs to observe the crime scene.  As always, your safety is paramount, and if reporting from the scene of the crime is possible and safe, please notify Leeds Police from the scene.

If your are not sure of the "jurisdiction" do not hesitate to call.  We will respond to all nearby reported crimes in progress, and make any determinations as to jurisdiction after the danger to life and limb has passed.

Remember, in an emergency dial 911.