Everyone Leeds & Community Events

What's so different about our town?  Everyone Leeds!  Find a civic or volunteer organization looking for members and leaders just like you.  Submit an upcoming event through the online form so Everyone Leeds can spread the word.  See upcoming events on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to Everyone Leeds events newsletter.

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Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce

The Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce is a great organization to connect with to keep up to date with what's happening in Leeds, Alabama.  In addition to business support, the Chamber hosts a number of community events that you and your family can take advantage of and enjoy.  These events include Leeds Creek Bank Festival, the Spring and Fall Carnival, Downtown Trick or Treat, Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, Christmas Parade and much more.  Visit their website and social media often to stay informed.

It's important to stay connected with the Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce!

Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce Leeds Alabama