Governor Ivy Declares All 67 Alabama Counties a Flood Emergency

Governor Ivy Declares All 67 Alabama Counties a Flood Emergency: As we have seen locally, this has been a historically wet time period, and its not over yet. The Governor’s declaration may provide an avenue for the City to get funds for flood mitigation in those areas where we cannot legally now work, such as certain private property and certain areas where unscrupulous builders in times past built homes and apartments with improper, or in some cases, no drainage whatsoever. We have instituted rigorous subdivision and building rules and inspection practices which would now prevent these practices from occurring again, but that is no help for those areas and property owners who were victims of those past wrongs. Hopefully Gov. Ivy’s declaration will also include a request to President Trump for a Federal declaration as well as her state declaration. If this happens, and we have been told it is likely, we will have the opportunity to request Federal Funds to allow the City to do flood mitigation work we cannot now legally do. Meanwhile, we are investigating to determine if the State Declaration makes any help available. ~Mayor David Miller